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History Documentaries

C3’s library includes a collection of history-themed documentary series, films, and specials available for licensing footage to television networks and studios. These award-winning titles cover a wide array of subjects with a concentration on the mysteries of Death Valley and old-west histories of Nevada, California, and Las Vegas.

  • JackLondonAmericanOriginalC3MT

    Jack London: American Original

    Documentary Year Released: 2014 Run Time: 108 mins

  • HistoryToGo

    History To Go

    Documentary Year Released: 2014-2016 Run Time: 12-15 Mins. each

  • TwentyMULETeam_EP4


    Documentary Year Released: 2010 Run Time: 6 episodes/30-50 Mins. each


    Weird Tales

    Documentary Year Released: 2009-2013 Run Time: 6 episodes/50 Mins each


    Tales From Death Valley

    Documentary Year Released: 1994 - 2013 Run Time: 6 episode/50 minutes each

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