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Barbi BentonBarbi Benton Signature Series

Barbi Benton is a superstar model, actress and recording artist. C3 is excited to introduce the Barbi Benton Signature Collection™ of merchandise and products featuring the great style and flair of Barbi Benton.

Barbi’s celebrity career began at 17 when she was crowned Miss Teenage Sacramento and represented California in the Miss Teenage America Pageant. The following year, Barbi was a pre-med major at UCLA, studying diligently while taking occasional acting jobs. She met Hugh Hefner on the set of “Playboy After Dark”, and quickly became Hef’s girlfriend. They remained a couple for nearly nine years. She was featured on the cover of Playboy Magazine four times.

Barbi recorded many albums of diverse music. Her first three were country music. In 1975, her record “Brass Buckles” was a top five hit on Billboard’s country singles chart. In 1976, “Ain’t That Just the Way” was number one in Scandinavia, where she was voted the number one singer in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland. She had four records in Billboard’s top ten simultaneously. Barbi branched out into a pop sound and made several more albums starting with “Something New”, with Elton John’s band backing her up. In 1979, she co-produced an album called “Kinetic Voyage” which was on the cutting edge of new age music. As well as singing, she composed all of the songs and played piano and keyboards. It became highly acclaimed, and was the third most requested music on “The Wave”.

Barbi spent six years as a regular on the television series “Hee Haw”, which showcased her as a country singer, musician, and comedienne. She toured the world several times with her band, The Barbi Benton Band; singing, dancing, and playing guitar, banjo and piano. She was a staple in Las Vegas, headlining at the Hilton Hotel. She has performed for President Reagan, Queen Elizabeth, the King of Malaysia, Madame Marcos, and the leaders of many countries.

Barbi starred in the ABC TV comedy series “Sugar Time!” about an aspiring female rock group in 1977. She did more episodes of “The Love Boat” and “Fantasy Island” than any other guest star. As well as acting in a plethora of episodic television shows including “Charlie’s Angels” and “Murder She Wrote”, Barbi starred in three films, two plays and four musicals. She became a multifaceted icon of the 60′s, 70′s, and 80′s.

She is considered an amazingly creative interior designer and is often seen on HGTV. Her fabulous Aspen home has been featured on dozens of television programs, and is becoming as famous as she is. She designs many styles of furniture including contemporary, children’s and arts and crafts.

Barbi is an advanced scuba diver, a superb photographer, both above and below the water, an expert skier and a USTA-rated tennis player. She has a degree in wild animal training and has performed on flying trapeze. Barbi is fluent in Spanish and is well versed in many other languages from French to Japanese. Few people in the world are as diversified as Barbi!

C3 is now seeking licensing partners for the Barbi Benton Signature Collection™. The Licensing Program focuses on Barbi’s glamorous image as one of America’s most beautiful and talented women.

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