Katz About Towne

Barbi is the creator of some of the most beloved and successful children’s characters including Strawberry Shortcake, Poppyseed, Gretchen, and others. She is a bestselling children’s author and has created over 7000 greeting cards in an illustrious career spanning 5 decades. Barbi is one of the most reproduced artists in history.

Alan is the creator of the Interplanetary Lizards of the Texas Plains comic book series. He is also a toy designer, author, and an award-winning illustrator, with 20+ years experience in the licensing industry. His work has been published and exhibited internationally in a variety of formats and genres since 1980.

The merging of these two amazing artists, famous for success in opposite genre’s, creates a powerful and distinctive new look. Katz about Towne is a celebration of the diversity of us all. It is designed to uplift the spirit, promote acceptance and tolerance of all types of individuals no matter their interests. It was created to appeal to a wide range of consumers since it targets and represents all of us, the everyday Katz, and all the unique characters that make life interesting.