From Fortune 500 Companies to food and beverage groups, from automakers to clothing manufacturers, brands are gaining high exposure by sponsoring popular national days with National Day Calendar, the Official Registrar of Special Days. Recent brand partners include Jeep, Starbucks, Essie, Promgirl, Culvers, and Boston Kitchen. 

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National Day Calendar and their slogan, Celebrate Every DayTM, reaches millions of people daily via social media, website, newspapers, radio and television. 

Ever wonder what’s behind special days like National Chocolate Day? National Day Calendar takes “unofficial days” throughout the year like Chocolate, Coffee, Pizza and Beer Days, just to name a few, and gives them the spotlight they deserve through sponsorships and merchandising. They also add National and International Days / Weeks and Months to the calendar each year.

Over 20,000 media outlets follow and use National Day Calendar for production prep. The media list includes shows such as Ellen, Good Morning America, Fox & Friends, Jimmy Kimmel, The Today Show, and Conan. has approximately 6 million monthly visitors and over 2 million email subscribers.

Founded by Marlo Anderson in 2013, National Day Calendar has become the go-to source for everything about national days. Whether you want to sponsor an existing National Day or create a new one, National Day Calendar is the official registrar to contact. If you want to celebrate things like Coffee, Chocolate, Pizza or Talk Like a Pirate Days, National Day Calendar supplies and promotes the information you need so you can Celebrate Every Day.TM

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National Day Calendar 2018

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