The Three Stooges® New Animation Mobisodes Set To Launch

January 10, 2008 | Press Releases

Grate Debate C3 Entertainment, Inc., The Three Stooges® brand owner, announced today new animated content is coming for The Three Stooges® brand from digital new media studio Famous Frames Mobile Interactive (FFMI). The release of the initial webisodes and mobisodes are scheduled for early February. This is the first all new The Three Stooges content in over 40 years.

Ani Khachoian, C3’s Vice President of Licensing, said ‘We worked with Famous Frames all through 2007 to get this new Three Stooges entertainment content to market. The magic of The Three Stooges brand lives on in this wonderful, new and witty format. The first episode is timely as it features Larry, Moe & Curly as presidential candidates. Famous Frames preserved the traditional look and feel of The Three Stooges® and brought them into the present time frame with some new bits to complement the standard slapstick elements and gave The Boys a bit more edginess for today’s audience. We believe that Three Stooges fans will thoroughly enjoy the new animated episodes’.

Grate DebateFamous Frames CEO Mark C. Miller said ‘We are very pleased to be working with these Hollywood icons and masters of slapstick. We will push the boundaries with our animated Three Stooges just as they did throughout their extraordinary career. Not only will current fans like what they see, we will introduce these superb and talented characters to new generations of fans and get The Three Stooges® truly into new media and new platforms.’

The webisodes and mobisodes will run from five to seven minutes and are ‘perfect for today’s on the go consumer’, according to Miller, since the shows are available to consumers ‘where they want them, when they want them and how they want them’ as the shows are downloadable to PC’s and mobile devices.

Grate DebateFamous Frames is also developing Three Stooges animated greeting messages for C3 available via the internet and mobile devices.

About Famous Frames:
Established in 1988, Famous Frames, Inc. is the nation’s leading artist talent agency specializing in storyboards, comp art, illustration, animatic production, and set renderings for advertising, film, television, themed entertainment and multimedia projects with offices in New York and California.

About C3 Entertainment, Inc.:
C3 Entertainment, Inc., is the home of The Three Stooges®, a diversified entertainment company involved in television and motion picture production, retail sales and the licensing and merchandising of The Three Stooges®. For more information, please visit and