‘Three Stooges’ has its Curly: Will Sasso cast in knucklehead update

March 25, 2011 | In The News

Will Sasso - CurlyWill Sasso, start practicing that angry bark. And your shuffling.

The MadTV funnyman, long rumored to be up for a major role in the Farrelly brothers’ upcoming Three Stooges movie, has been locked in as the new Curly, according to a source close to the production.

While it seems obvious that the heavyset, peach fuzz-headed actor would play the heavyset, peach fuzz-headed Stooge, some speculation had pegged him as the movie’s angry, bowl-cutted brother Moe. But Sasso, whose impressions of big, tough guys runs the gamut from Steven Seagal to Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Gandolfini, will be playing the kunckleheaded trio’s great big abuse magnet after all.

Peter and Bobby Farrelly are aiming at a mid-April start date for their 20th Century Fox film, which would be a fictional story using the Moe, Larry, and Curly characters in a modern setting, not a biopic of the actors who originated those parts, brothers Moe and Jerry “Curly” Howard and Larry Fine.

The other two lead roles have not yet been cast.

In its original form, Sean Penn was interested in playing a role, but bowed out to focus on his relief work in earthquake-ravaged Haiti, and Jim Carrey, who was gaining weight to play Curly, also dropped out, leading to a whole new round of auditions and casting by the There’s Something About Mary filmmakers.

Entertainment Weekly – March 25, 2011 by Anthony Breznican