C3 Entertainment, Inc. Announces New Worldwide License With Mo Hotta Mo Betta For Three Stooges Hot Sauce and BBQ Sauce

June 3, 2013 | Press Releases

Three Stooges Hot SaucesC3 Entertainment, Inc., The Three Stooges® brand owner, announced today a worldwide licensing agreement with industry leader Mo Hotta Mo Betta for a series of Three Stooges Hot Sauces and Barbeque Sauce.

Ani Khachoian, C3’s EVP of Licensing & Consumer Products said ‘We are pleased to welcome Mo Hotta Mo Betta on board as another quality consumer products company, and leader in their industry for hot and spicy foods. We are excited that Mo Hotta Mo Betta will create new Three Stooges products with a unique blend of spice, flavor and fun for Three Stooges fans and consumers alike. What better consumer product for Larry, Moe and Curly than to spice up everyone’s life with Three Stooges Hot Sauces.’

Continuing she said ‘Mo Hotta Mo Betta will come to market initially with three hot sauces: A Moe, a Curly and a Larry each with different great tasting recipes made only from the finest ingredients. Each sauce will also have unique distinctive Three Stooges imagery for the packaging. Fans and consumers will love the choices of recipe blends, heat factor, as well as the ability to collect them all. Soon, we will also be releasing a Three Stooges BBQ Sauce, as well as more Three Stooges sauces in the future.’

Jimmy Kelley, president of Mo Hotta Mo Betta said ‘Mo Hotta Mo Betta is excited to partner with The Three Stooges, a pillar in American entertainment history. The uniqueness of our Mo Hotta brand fits hand in hand with the humor and global appeal of the Three Stooges and we couldn’t be more honored to help bring heat, as well as laughter, to Three Stooges fans everywhere!

About C3 Entertainment, Inc.
C3 Entertainment, Inc., the home of The Three Stooges® brand, is a diversified entertainment company involved in television and motion picture production, retail sales and the licensing and merchandising of The Three Stooges and other classic brands. For more information, please visit www.c3entertainment.com and www.threestooges.com.

About Mo Hotta Mo Betta
Since 1989 Mo Hotta Mo Betta, headquartered in Savannah, Georgia has been the leader in the world of hot and spicy food and as an industry leader we have played a big part in the ever-growing global hot sauce industry. We are committed to bringing the most complete and absolutely best selection of hot and spicy food available to consumers. For more information please visit www.mohotta.com.