C3 Entertainment, Inc. Licenses The Three Stooges To Fox Sports 1 For MLB Telecasts Promo


GLENDALE, CA –– April 9, 2014 –– C3 Entertainment, Inc. announced the use of The Three Stooges brand in new on air and Internet promos for Fox Sports 1 MLB telecasts. Larry, Moe and Curly team up with Major League Baseball stars past and present in the getting ‘Ready’ promo.

Ani Khachoian, C3’s Executive Vice President of Licensing & Consumer Products said ‘Fox Sports 1 is the latest major media company to use The Three Stooges classic brand in a national television advertising campaign continuing a decades long trend of major media and consumer brand companies using The Three Stooges as spokespersons in promotional and media campaigns.’

Continuing she said ‘You have baseball and The Three Stooges together. As one of the world’s most recognized and beloved brands, attaching The Three Stooges to these baseball telecast promos will provide the ‘stickiness’ all advertisers seek.’


The promos also appear on the Fox Sports 1 website and can be viewed at:


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