C3 Entertainment To Represent Rock & Roll Legend The Big Bopper ® For Licensing & Merchandising

September 18, 2014 | Press Releases, Winter Dance Party

GLENDALE, CA ––September 18, 2014 –– C3 Entertainment, Inc. announced a new license to represent Rock & Roll legend the Big Bopper for licensing & merchandising. The famous disc jockey, songwriter and singer with a big voice and matching personality made him an early Rock & Roll star. The license is with Patty Richardson representing the Big Bopper estate.bb2

Known as one of the original pioneers of Rock & Roll, his music from the fifties lives on today. The Big Bopper’s signature song, Chantilly Lace, was very successful going gold and multi-platinum as one the earliest hits in rock and roll history. In 1958 he made a pioneering video of the hit song and was the first to coin the term ‘music video’.

Ani Khachoian, C3’s Executive Vice President of Licensing & Consumer Products said

‘The Big Bopper is a legendary personality so we have added another classic brand to our roster. Adding The Big Bopper and his music also expands the entertainment genres we represent for licensing. ‘

Continuing she said ‘The Big Bopper was an important figure during the formative years of Rock & Roll and is well remembered by the generations that grew up listening to his songs and radio show. His talent and foresight still resonates today with audiences as many of the songs he wrote and performed are considered classics, and his music video concept obviously was way ahead of its time.’

The Big Bopper, real name Jiles Perry “J. P.” Richardson, Jr., wrote ‘White Lightning’ that became the number one country hit for George Jones in 1959 and in the same year his song ‘Running Bear’ hit the top spot in the charts for Johnny Preston.

The Big Bopper, along with legendary musicians Buddy Holly and Ritchie Valens died in a tragic plane crash on February 3, 1959 during their Winter Dance Party tour; a day often referred to as ‘the day the music died’.


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