Retail Merchandiser Magazine Calls C3 a “Triple Threat”

May 29, 2015 | C3 Entertainment, In The News


C3 Entertainment licenses properties and produces and distributes TV shows and movies.


If you have seen any product, DVD, television program or movie concerning the Three Stooges in the last 50 years, C3 Entertainment had a hand in its licensing, production or distribution. Founded by the Stooges themselves in 1959, the company has since broadened its scope to include chefs, magicians, rock-and-roll legends, celebrities, artists and properties such as Grizzly Adams.

“We are a media company in three major operating areas,” points out Eric Lamond, vice president of brand management and strategic planning. “We do the licensing, the production and the distribution. Not every licensing agency will do entertainment production, and I can guarantee you not every licensing agency does content distribution – that is very rare. But we do all of it, and we do it very well. We’re a small company, but we get a lot done. That’s good for us and our licensees.”

To be successful at licensing, Lamond stresses that the owner of a property needs to be actively involved in the process. “They need to be engaged on their own,” he emphasizes. “It doesn’t make any difference how good a brand it is. Without the active participation of the brand owners, it is difficult to move things forward.”

Several new projects that C3 Entertainment is introducing have that owner involvement. “We’ve actually picked up a lot of new brands recently – one after the other – that we’re going to be launching, and they’re very diverse and very unique,” announces Ani Khachoian, executive vice president of licensing, merchandising and distribution.

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