Hollywood Reporter: ‘Three Stooges’ Hitting the Screen as Animated Series

Christy Karacas, the co-creator of Adult Swim’s “Superjail!,” created the animatic for the pilot and will direct it.

The Three Stooges Art - H 2015

The Hollywood Reporter

The Three Stooges is coming back to the screen, this time in animation form.

Cake, the London-based family entertainment firm, has partnered with animation house Titmouse (Turbo FAST) and C3, the owners of the Stooges estate and brand, on the venture, which will be launched to potential buyers at the market of the Annecy International Animated Film Festival. The project will also be selling at licensing expo LIMA.

Titmouse will produce 52 segments that will be 11 minutes in length, featuring the classic physical, visual slapstick humor for which the Stooges are known. The stories will have limited dialogue, which is seen as ideal for global audiences and multiple platforms.

Christy Karacas, the co-creator of Adult Swim’s Superjail!, created the animatic for the pilot and will direct it.

The Stooges have a strong following in the animation community and the goal is for the show to be directed by top creators in the field to offer their own spin on the iconic characters (the classic Stooges line up consisted of dunderheads Larry, Curly and Moe).

The Three Stooges were a vaudeville act that transitioned to shorts hugely popular in the 1930s and 1940s. When the shorts were compiled for syndicated television in the 1960s, their popularity and influence reached new heights. The Stooges were recently revived as a feature by the Farrelly brothers, who made a 2012 comedy that starred Sean Hayes and Will Sasso.

All told, over 220 films have been made featuring the Stooges.

Titmouse president Chris Prynoski said: “I grew up watching The Three Stooges with my father. When I signed on to helm this new show, I made a blood oath to my Dad that I would treat the Stooges brand like it was a newborn baby Fabergé egg. With the cartoon making team we have lined up at Titmouse, it’s sure to be the most batty, bananas, insanely giggle-inducing version of the Three Stooges your eyeballs and brainhole have ever experienced. Dad, I won’t let you down!”

Prynoski will executive produce with C3’s Earl and Robert Benjamin as well as Cake’s Tom van Waveren and Edward Galton.

Pablo Velez and Stephen Christy will act as producers on the series.