Michael Grandinetti Stuns Thousands, Levitates Above Hollywood Blvd!

July 13, 2015 | In The News, Michael Grandinetti

HOLLYWOOD, CA – July 12, 2015 – In a town where people claim to have seen it all, traffic came to a halt and thousands of people stopped in their tracks in Hollywood, California when they caught a glimpse of a man who was suspended 15ft in mid-air over Hollywood Blvd, with no apparent means of support. 

As the growing crowd stopped to watch, take photos, and call family and friends, the floating man calmly went about his business, reading a newspaper just like the tourists on the bench beneath him.  Meanwhile, curious observers flocked from blocks away to look under and wave their hands all around to try and figure it all out.

The happening also brought out news reporters, helicopters filming from above, and slowed traffic on the popular tourist street as one by one passengers in cars took photos of this unlikely and spectacular sight.

Who was this man and what was he doing?  He is magician Michael Grandinetti and the 4 hour levitation over Hollywood stunt was performed to draw attention to the CW series “Masters of Illusion”, which premiered Friday night at 8pm on the network.  Grandinetti is one of the featured performers in the series.

It just goes to show you that in Hollywood, you never know what to expect!

The Hollywood Levitation was also shown on KTLA5 as Michael Grandinetti promoted “Masters of Illusion” with Dean Cain and performed his Shrinking Woman illusion:

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