C3 Entertainment Expands License for Trevco to Home Goods & Accessories

C3 Entertainment Inc. announced the renewal and extension of Trevco’s license for The Three Stooges® Classic brand into the Home Goods & Accessories category.

“Trevco has been a wonderful, creative licensee for The Three Stooges brand for many years, producing fun, colorful and hilarious t-shirts, linens and beach towels,” says Ani Khachoian, Executive Vice President of Licensing, Merchandising and Distribution for C3. “We’re looking forward to seeing an array of new Three Stooges branded products from Trevco for the home for the fans to enjoy.”

Jim George, CEO of Trevco says, “I am pleased to continue our long standing relationship with everyone at C3 Entertainment. The Three Stooges is one of our most popular and durable licenses and the addition of our new ‘Home & Accessory’ items, such as Ottomans, Bean Bag Chairs, Shower Curtains, Duvet Covers, Wall Art, Mobile Phone & Tablet Covers and more, will definitely be instant hits with our customers and consumers alike. I am proud to be a part of the C3 family.”

Trevco Sportswear, founded in 1990, is one of the most established tee shirt companies in the US operating with a unique business model that incorporates digital “on-demand” printing allowing Trevco to create, print and ship an unlimited number of designs on each of its properties. Visit www.trevcoinc.com for more information.