C3 Entertainment Licenses ComicFlix to Create Digital Comics From The Three Stooges® Films

C3 Entertainment Inc. has granted a license to ComicFlix to create digital and print comic books featuring The Three Stooges. ComicFlix converts movies to high-quality comic book style artwork.

Cover Art for "The Three Stooges" digital comic.The first comic produced under the license will be based on the 2012 hit comedy feature film “The Three Stooges,” and will be available digitally on Apple iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Comixology and other platforms beginning January 2016. A print version will be available later in the first quarter.

“ComicFlix’s innovative technology will give fans a new way to enjoy The Three Stooges shorts and feature films in collectible digital and print comics,” said Ani Khachoian, Executive Vice President of Licensing, Merchandising and Distribution for C3. “These comics are a unique and creative way for long-time fans to relive their favorite Stooge moments as well as reach a new generation of comic readers.”

“Using ComicFlix technology based video conversion, for the first time ever, The Three Stooges fans will now have a comic book based on the 2012 movie, with every single line of dialog and accurate imaging,” says Olyvia Rakshit CEO of ComicFlix. “It is the perfect action-comedy property to add to our portfolio of forthcoming releases around the holidays. We are very excited to partner with the powerful Three Stooges brand and bring this exciting new format to its extensive and loyal fan base.”

Comicflix is evolving the way people consume videos, by creating a technology to convert videos into eBooks at scale. Think of all the good movies and TV shows that you have watched. Now you can read them as a graphic novel. Think of all those special moments in your lives that you have captured on video. Now those videos can be converted to a comic book that can be printed or downloaded. In a video centric world, with over 10 billion videos consumed daily, ComicFlix is introducing a whole new content format for people to experience. For more information, please visit www.comicflix.com.