C3 Entertainment Licenses The Three Stooges® Brand To Rocket Fizz For Bottled Soft Drinks

December 3, 2015 | Press Releases, The Three Stooges

C3 Entertainment Inc. is excited to announce a license with Rocket Fizz Soda Pop and Candy Shops to produce bottled soft drinks under The Three Stooges brand and sell them in their retro soda pop and candy stores and other select outlets.

Rocket Fizz Wise Guy Root BeerIn stores now, you can enjoy a bottle of Wise Guy Root Beer at Rocket Fizz stores around the country in 28 states and over 100 locations. The bottle features classic imagery of The Three Stooges. Additional flavors for The Three Stooges brand are planned for 2016.

“Rocket Fizz and its nostalgia-packed stores are a perfect place for The Three Stooges,” said Ani Khachoian, Executive Vice President of Licensing, Merchandising and Distribution for C3. “You can just imagine drinking a cold Wise Guy Root Beer with The Boys that’s both collectible and refreshing!”

“Rocket Fizz is beyond excited to bottle The Three Stooges Wise Guy Root Beer,” said Robert Powells, President and Co-Founder of the Rocket Fizz Soda Pop and Candy Shops and “the undercover boss” who was recently featured on the CBS hit TV show Undercover Boss. “The Three Stooges brand is a natural fit for us. The Three Stooges is an iconic and nostalgic American brand and Rocket Fizz prides itself on being all about Americana. And we all love The Three Stooges!” 

Rocket Fizz is the largest soda pop and candy shop franchise company in America with over 100 stores in 28 states. Each store is packed with over 500 different glass bottled fun soda pops, 1000’s of crazy and retro candies, and toys, gag gifts, and other unique and awesome nostalgic products for everyone. For more information and a list of Rocket Fizz store locations, visit www.rocketfizz.com.