C3 Entertainment Licenses New Ritchie Valens Biography

June 3, 2019 | Press Releases, Ritchie Valens

Los Angeles, CA – June 4, 2019 C3 Entertainment, Inc., an entertainment company specializing in licensing, production, and distribution, has licensed an all-new Ritchie Valens biography written by Canadian author, Corey Long.

“Ritchie Valens is a legendary icon that still resonates today,” said Ani Khachoian, Executive Vice President of Licensing & Consumer Products at C3 Entertainment. “Corey Long’s passion and inspiration for Ritchie’s life story, music and family will help tell Ritchie’s story to a new generation.”

A fan and student of Ritchie Valens since he was nine, Corey Long takes an in-depth look at his life and music in a different light than other accounts. The book will feature inspiring elements of Ritchie’s life, along with how his legacy has endured since his untimely passing in 1959.

“In a career that lasted eight months, Ritchie Valens left us a legacy that continues to inspire after six decades,” said Corey Long. “I am delighted to be working with C3 Entertainment to celebrate Ritchie’s extraordinary life and shine a new light on his positive social and musical impact.”  

“Corey Long’s passion and sincerity to write a great biography for Ritchie will not only serve as a testament to my brother’s legacy but will also be an inspiration for future generations of kids, especially Hispanics,” said Connie Valens.

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About Author Corey Long:

Corey Long is an administrator and part-time professor at Seneca College in Toronto, Canada. He edits and contributes articles to Seneca’s alumni magazine, RED, which have included profiles of musicians Melanie Fiona, Jully Black and Alan Frew (Glass Tiger) and former Atlantic Records CEO Val Azzoli. In 2012, Corey co-authored Angela James: The First Superstar of Women’s Hockey, which was selected for the American Library Association’s 2013 Amelia Bloomer Project. Corey received a master’s degree in Mass Media from the University of Oslo, Norway and an honors degree in Communication from Lewis & Clark College, Portland Oregon. Corey lives just north of Toronto with his wife, Shannon, and their daughters, Clara and June. Learn more about Corey Long by visiting his LinkedIn Profile.

About Ritchie Valens:

Rock ‘n’ Roll legend, Ritchie Valens made history as rock music’s first Latino star with popular songs such as “La Bamba” and “Donna.” Credited with being the forefather of the Chicano rock movement, Valens was one of the original pioneers of Rock ’n’ Roll. Since his untimely death at the age of 17, along with Buddy Holly, and “The Big Bopper” in a tragic plane crash 60 years ago, his music has gained in popularity and influenced generations of musicians. Jimi Hendrix and Carlos Santana are both cited as influenced by Valens’ guitar playing. Artists from Led Zeppelin to Los Lobos have recorded his music.

C3 Entertainment is the exclusive manager of the Ritchie Valens brand, including all licensing and distribution.

About C3 Entertainment:

C3 Entertainment, Inc. is a diversified entertainment company, specializing in Licensing, Production and Distribution. A pioneer in branding, C3 was founded over 60 years ago by the most famous comedy brand ever, The Three Stooges. C3 Entertainment is engaged in licensing and brand management of world-famous classic and modern brands and personalities, as well as motion picture, television, digital and home entertainment production, and worldwide distribution.

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