C3 has been in the television and motion picture business for over 50 years

Beginning with The Three Stooges in the 1960’s, C3 produced all of The Three Stooges full length feature films with Columbia Pictures, and managed the transition of the Stooges features into television syndication all over the world. All of these features continue to play on television and in theaters everywhere. C3 also produced a television animated series which consists of 161 episodes of cartoons and live action interstitials featuring Larry, Moe and Curly Joe.

More recently, C3 made the hit television movie The Three Stooges which was produced with Sony Pictures and Mel Gibson’s Icon Productions, and aired on ABC primetime television in 2000. The movie featured the biographical account of The Three Stooges, and garnered tremendous ratings. Over 16.5 million households watched The Three Stooges movie and ABC had one of its best ratings nights of the year.

C3 produced two primetime television specials for network television. C3 produced The Three Stooges 75th Anniversary one hour television special with guest host Woody Harrelson that aired on NBC primetime television in April 2004. C3 and Sony Pictures Television produced The Three Stooges Greatest Hits one hour television special with guest host Martin Short that aired in 1998 on ABC primetime television. C3 also entered into a television syndication agreement with Columbia Pictures for the release of The Three Stooges short features in television syndication with new live action interstitial material.

C3 in association with Twentieth Century Fox Studios brought out the all new Three Stooges theatrical motion picture in 2012. A major motion picture with an all new Larry, Moe and Curly on a new Three Stooges adventure from famous filmmakers The Farrelly Brothers and an all-star cast with a worldwide distribution. The first new Three Stooges motion picture in over 50 years is a big hit for The Three Stooges Brand.

  • Three Little StoogesThe Three Little Stooges Feature Film
  • The Three Stooges MovieThe New Three Stooges Feature Film
  • Hey Moe! Hey Dad!Hey Moe! Hey Dad! A C3 Original Docu-Series

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