12 Ordinary Men

The Extraordinary Journey That Changed the World…Forever!

The Next Chapter after The Passion of the Christ. When Jesus was crucified, he left behind his Apostles, otherwise unremarkable men he had chosen to carry on his teaching after His death. From the horror of watching their leader brutally executed…and faced with torture, imprisonment, and painful death…these ordinary men somehow persevered and succeeded—in the span of a single lifetime—to spread His message to the entire known world.

This documentary examines the twelve, hand-picked men who were chosen to follow Him, learn from Him, and continue spreading His gospel after the crucifixion. Simple, mostly uneducated men who worked with their hands before Christ appeared in their lives, the efforts of the Apostles have impacted billions of people around the world for more than two thousand years. Why did they do it? How did they do it? This program examines how this remarkable feat of evangelism was accomplished, on foot, by otherwise ordinary men facing daunting physical, emotional, religious, political, and geographic obstacles.

Program Type: Documentary
Year Released: 2005
Running Time: 59:00
Language(s): English
Format: SD