A Polish Vampire in Burbank

A Vampire Film in a Different Vein (Comedy/Horror)

Rated PG

Exploits of a naive vampire under pressure from his parents to support himself.

Written, Produced and Directed by Mark Pirro.

Starring: Mark Pirro, Hugh O’Fields, Lori Sutton, Bobbi Dorsch, Eddie Deezen

A Polish Vampire in Burbank is the story of a poor unfortunate vampire named Dupah (Mark Pirro) who has never bitten anybody in his life, because he always felt his fangs were too small. For years he would sit at home in a large castle in the hills of Burbank and drink leftover blood with a straw from a zip lock baggie. One day, his father (Hugh O. Fields), kicks him out of the house exclaiming that “I’ve been the blood winner long enough….” Dupah then goes on a reluctant quest for blood with the help of his sister, Yvonne (Marya Gant) and the skeletal remains of his long deceased brother, Sphincter (Eddie Deezen). In his travels, he encounters Delores Lane (Lori Sutton), an instructress at a local health club who just happens to have a mad passion for vampire movies. At first, Dupah targets her as his first victim, until he starts to fall for her and doesn’t want to lose her respect by biting her.  This truly is a vampire film in a different vein.

This remastered version has been completely redone. For the soundtrack, Pirro went back to the original reel to reel audio masters (basically falling apart) and remixed it into the enhanced picture. The result is a version of Polish Vampire that has never been seen before.

About Mark Pirro: Film Threat magazine says: “Mark Pirro may just be the funniest guy in the independent low budget film business.” A cult film legend in his own right, Pirro has written ten feature films, edited and directed nine, produced six, scored and executive produced one. The majority of his films have achieved cult status, like his 1991 film, Nudist Colony Of The Dead and his 1st feature, Polish Vampire in Burbank, Curse of The Queerwolf, Rectuma. Pirro has a talent for balancing parody, insight, and the flat out fun of ridiculousness.  His films have appeared on HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, and USA Network. Pirro himself has been featured on Entertainment Tonight, Fox News, A Current Affair, and Hard Copy.  He also has been on the lecture circuit, speaking at filmmaking classes at colleges like UCLA.


Program Type: Feature Film
Year Released: 1983
Running Time: 81 minutes
Language(s): English
Format: SD