A Cake For Lizzie (Short Films)

A Cake For Lizzie is the story of Sofia, a single mother and police officer living in a dystopian 2059 Los Angeles. Sofia’s daughter, Lizzie, has cancer; with Lizzie’s tenth and possibly last birthday coming up, Sofia wants to bake her a cake. The problem is, in this world food only comes in re-cooked rations distributed by a totalitarian government, so getting fresh ingredients will mean risking it all. The typically rule-abiding Sofia pulls favors and robs a delivery truck to get the ingredients for her daughter’s cake. On Lizzie’s birthday, they carefully measure and bake together. The night is a celebration, but right before Lizzie blows out the candles, Sofia receives a call warning her that there is an inquiry at work about the missing ingredients.

Program Type: Short Film
Format: HD