Ancient Secrets Of The Bible Series I

Series One contains 13 episodes that scientifically examine the Bible’s most mysterious and controversial stories. Did the David and Goliath story really happen? Could one man—Samson—topple an entire Philistine temple? Was there really a biblical global flood…and is Noah’s Ark still buried under a glacial ice pack on Mt. Ararat in Eastern Turkey? Ancient Secrets of the Bible features dramatic re-creations, expert testimony, biblical evidence, scientific experiments, and great entertainment value for the entire family. These shows were shot on location in five countries and in over 80 U.S. cities. These are biblically and scientifically accurate shows done to Hollywood  quality production standards!


1. Ark of the Covenant: Lost or Hidden Away?

2. Battle of David and Goliath: Truth or Myth?

3. The Fiery Furnace: Could Anyone Survive It?

4. Moses’ Red Sea Miracle: Did It Happen?

5. Moses’ Ten Commandments: Tablets From God?

6. Noah’s Ark: Fact or Fable?

7. Noah’s Ark: Was There a Worldwide Flood?

8. Noah’s Ark: What Happened to It?

9. Samson: Strongman Hero or Legend?

10. Sodom and Gomorrah: Legend or Real Event?

11. Tower of Babel: Fact or Fiction?

12. Walls of Jericho: Did They Tumble Down?

13. Shroud of Turin: Fraud or Evidence of Christ’s Resurrection?

Program Type: DocuDrama
Year Released: 1994
Running Time: 13 Episodes/Approx. 23 Mins. Each
Language(s): English/Spanish
Closed Captioned: Yes
Format: SD