Ancient Secrets Of The Bible Series III

A scientific examination and dramatic recreations of the Bible’s most mysterious and controversial stories.


1. Jesus’ Travels: Did Jesus Journey Beyond the Holy Land?

2. Near Death Experiences: What Lies Beyond the Light?

3. Apparition of Mary: Was There a Mircale at Fatima?

4. Last Supper Artifacts: Has the Holy Grail Been Found?

5. Dead Sea Scrolls: What do the Dead Sea Scrolls Tell Us?

6. God’s Holy Ark: Has the Ark of the Covenant Been Found?

7. Power of Prayer: Can Prayer Save Nations?

8. Jesus’ Birth: Is the Mircale fo Christmas True?

9. Christmas Miracle: What is the Real Story of Christmas?

10. Ancient Prophets: Could Ancients See the Future?

11. Six Day War: Was the Six Day War a Miracle?

12. Israel’s Miracle War: Was the Six Day War the Start of Armageddon?

13. Jesus’ Silent Years: Where Was Jesus All Those Years?

Program Type: DocuDrama
Year Released: 2007
Running Time: 13 Episodes/Approx. 28 Mins. Each
Language(s): English
Format: SD