Angels Sent On Assignment

Angels. It seems they’re everywhere. According to opinion polls, 72% of all Americans believe in angels, with the percentage higher for teenagers (76%) and women (78%). This docudrama series separates real angel experiences from “angel quackery,” reveals through biblical sources what angels can and cannot do in your life, shares through dramatized re-creations real-life angel encounters, and clarifies, with the aid of scholars, the purposes behind angel missions and interventions. After viewing these six shows, you’ll more easily recognize angel encounters in your own life and the lives of your loved ones. View these videos and you’ll know why these Heavenly Messengers are on assignment amongst us! What do we really know about angels? We know they‘re mentioned often in the Bible, that God created these spirit-beings, and that angels have appeared as humans to touch the lives of unsuspecting people. These Heavenly Helpers may still appear to everyday people, influence their lives, and help prevent tragedies in families. They are angels sent on assignment!


1. Guiding People From Danger

2. Helping Those Who Hurt

3. Giving Strength in Times of Trouble

4. Preventing Family Tragedies

5. Carrying Out Heavenly Plans

6. Delivering Messages Through Dreams

Program Type: DocuDrama
Year Released: 1996
Running Time: 6 Episodes/25 Mins. Each
Language(s): English
Closed Captioned: Yes
Format: SD