Awesome Bible Adventures

Awesome Bible Adventures contains important and exciting Bible stories of faith and action geared towards children. Each show is network television quality with captivating scenes, spectacular special effects, and large production casts. Every lesson is hosted by Julie, a fun, high-energy teenager who loves God and really reaches kids. She helps kids see how cool it is to learn the Bible and to love God. And, in each lesson, kids will learn how to apply the Bible to their lives. The 10 great Bible stories in this series are presented with drama, action, and faith for children ages 3 to 8. It is designed to satisfy Sunday school teachers and parents who want their kids to learn Old and New Testament Bible stories and who are tired of animated kids shows.


  1. Noah’s Incredible Voyage
  2. Moses Receives Ten Commandments
  3. David’s Mighty Battle
  4. Joshua’s Awesome Victory
  5. Escape from the Fiery Furnace
  6. Samson’s Super Strength
  7. Lot’s Amazing Escape
  8. Moses’ Great Escape
  9. God Destroys Tower of Babel
  10. Jesus’ Amazing Miracles

Program Type: Educational
Year Released: 2001
Running Time: 10 Episodes/Approx. 24 Mins. Each
Language(s): English
Format: SD