Case for Christ’s Resurrection

A death shroud affirms the belief of billions. Recent historical investigation, combined with scientific research and new technology reinforces the biblical accounts of Christ‘s death and resurrection. This documentary reviews an exhaustive investigation of the ancient Shroud of Turin. For centuries, millions of Christians have believed that the image of Jesus was projected onto the Shroud as He rose from the dead.

The Shroud is an ancient linen burial cloth measuring approximately fourteen feet by four feet. It contains an image of a man who appears to have been beaten and crucified. By using laser technology, two-dimensional photographic negatives of the image were converted to three-dimensional anatomically accurate holograms. Identifying the man and discovering the scientific-related process that created this detailed image of a human body thousands of years ago has captivated scientists and scholars alike.

Working with a team of veteran researchers, historians, forensic scientists, theologians, and biblical archeologists, this documentary builds a compelling case that exhibits the basis of the Christian faith. The film analyzes historic records, consults with modern medical experts, and carefully examines the ancient burial shroud in microscopic detail never before possible.

Program Type: Documentary
Year Released: 2007
Running Time: 59:00
Language(s): English
Format: SD