She Is A Black Beauty Who Woke Up A Blond Bombshell. (Comedy/Fantasy)

Rated PG-13

Starring Dani Leon, Verda Bridges, Luella Hill, and Luke Vitale

Written, Produced and Directed by Mark Pirro

Color-Blinded is the story of a beautiful black woman named Melanie Welles (Luella Hill), who has been in a relationship with a white man, Dave Morely (Luke Vitale), for six months. The relationship was fine until one day when Melanie’s best friend, Tess (Hollywood Shuffle’s Verda Bridges), plants seeds of doubt about the success of interracial relationships in her mind. This leaves Melanie wishing that she could be sure that Dave really loved her. The next morning, Melanie wakes up shocked to discover she has become a beautiful blonde (Dani Leon). After a frantic visit to a skin doctor and getting thrown out, she visits Dave at work. While there, she sees various beautiful women flirting with him, and him flirting back.  Not recognizing her, he immediately starts coming strongly onto her. She doesn’t  tell him who she is, and introduces herself as “Ivory Snow.”

What follows is one charade after another as Melanie continues to see Dave in her ultimate disguise, determined to find out if beauty and race dictate the direction of the heart.  She begins to experience reverse discrimination and starts making some ugly discoveries about herself along the way.

The movie has won three awards, including B-Movie Theatre Award for best-supporting actress for a phenomenal performance given by Verda Bridges.

About Mark Pirro: A cult film legend in his own right, Pirro has written ten feature films, edited and directed nine, produced six, scored and executive produced one. The majority of his films have achieved cult status, like his 1991 film, Nudist Colony Of The Dead and his 1st feature, Polish Vampire in Burbank, Curse of The Queerwolf, Rectuma. Pirro has a talent for balancing parody, insight, and the flat out fun of ridiculousness.  His films have appeared on HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, and USA Network. Pirro himself has been featured on Entertainment Tonight, Fox News, A Current Affair, and Hard Copy.  He also has been on the lecture circuit, speaking at filmmaking classes at colleges like UCLA.

Program Type: Feature Film
Year Released: 1998
Running Time: 90 minutes
Language(s): English
Format: HD