D-Day 75th Anniversary: D-Day Veterans Return to Normandy 75 Years Later

Ninety three year old George Ciampa, WWII Army Veteran/filmmaker, shares his personal experience from leaving the shore of England and arriving on the shore of the D-Day Normandy Invasion in the midst of four thousand ships and thunderous shelling before carrying out an undesired duty in the upcoming days and months. Includes testimonies of six other veterans of their varied personal experience in the Invasion while on the respective beaches where they were deployed on D-Day. This documentary also includes interviews with French residents, some who endured hardships of the Nazi occupation and who witnessed the much-welcomed Invasion. Experience the special events and special interviews during a weeklong coverage of anniversary commemorations. An educational, historical documentary.

Program Type: Documentary
Year Released: 2020
Running Time: 90 minutes
Format: HD