Fabric of Time 3D

Science and religion join forces to analyze an age-old mystery by using 21st century technology. Hidden in the fabric of an ancient cloth—believed to be some 2,000 years old—is there information that our current understanding of the world cannot explain? What was the ancient fabric made of?

The Shroud of Turin is purported to be the burial cloth of Jesus Christ and is famous for the image it bears—the seeming visage of Jesus. Could it be that a single fiber from this cloth might reveal the true identity of the man depicted in the Shroud? Is that person the same man whose life—more than any other individual—changed the course of history? Is the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection verifiable by way of the Shroud? Is there holographic information on the cloth? Some researchers believe there is, and the data it reveals via the latest technology has produced some amazing images.

Have scientists produced a full three dimensional image of the face and body of Christ? Does the information in the Shroud support that Christ is who he claimed to be? Looking at the Shroud, can one also see the face of God? Decide for yourself. Viewers become the jury as scholars, scientists, and historians present their findings.

Program Type: Documentary
Year Released: 2007
Running Time: 59:00
Language(s): English
Subtitles: Spanish
Closed Captioned: Yes
Format: HD