First to Fight (US Marines in the Korean War 1950-1953)

First To FightOn 25 June 1950, eight divisions of the North Korean People’s Army, equipped with Soviet tanks, mobile artillery, and supporting aircraft, crossed the 38th Parallel and invaded the Republic of Korea. On 27 June, the United Nations Security Council proclaimed the North Korean attack a breach of world peace, and requested member nations to assist the Republic of Korea. On 29 June, President Harry S. Truman ordered a naval blockade of the Korean coast, and authorized the Commander in Chief Far East, General Douglas A. MacArthur, to send U.S. ground troops into Korea. On 2 July, General MacArthur formally requested of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, that a Marine regimental combat team be deployed to the Far East. His request was approved by the Joint Chiefs on the following day. On 7 July, the 1st Provisional Marine Brigade was activated at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, California. The primary core of the ground element was the 5th Marines, while Marine Aircraft Group 33 constituted the air element of the brigade. Just five days after its activation, the 1st Provisional Marine Brigade, with strength of 6,500, sailed on 12 July from San Diego, California, in route to Pusan, Korea. This was the beginning of a new a glorious chapter in the Corps’ long history.


  1. Shinmiyangyo – The General Sherman Incident
  2. Backs To The Sea – The Invasion Begins
  3. Holding On – The Marines Have Landed
  4. Inchon – Between A Hammer And An Anvil
  5. The Drive North – Crossing The Line
  6. People’s Army – Winter Winds
  7. Fire & Ice – Chosin Reservoir
  8. Wings Over Korea – The ‘Make Do’ Air Force
  9. Tools Of The Trade – New War. Old Weapons.
  10. Shackled – Roll Call At Hungnam
  11. The Fall Of Caesar – Truman Relieves MacArthur
  12. Stalemate – Marines Hold Key Hills Until Armistice

Program Type: Documentary
Year Released: 2010
Running Time: 12 Episodes / 25 minutes each
Language(s): English
Format: SD