FRANCESCO A CUBA (Francis in Cuba)

Since 2000 the conventual friars minor have been present in Havana and in Cuba, where they follow the Order’s evangelic message and are intensely involved in social activities. Pope Francis’ Encyclical letter Laudato Si’ was released in May 2015. It is inspired by the message of Saint Francis of Assisi and represents an important source of inspiration for this movie.

The Franciscan Friar Father Silvano has lived in Havana since 2000, following the Gospel message of the Order of Friars Minor Conventual and practicing an intense social activity. In the film FRANCESCO A CUBA, Father Silvano accompanies us in today’s Cuba, at the moment of an important change, with the spiritual guidance of Saint Francis of Assisi (Canticle of the Creatures) and of Pope Francis (with the Encyclical Laudato Si ‘) whose words become the narrator of the film. Havana, during the nine days of mourning after the loss of Commander Fidel Castro Ruz, is revealed through the Franciscan gaze and values, through the concepts – ancient, very modern, profound of the Encyclical of Pope Francis – including respect and care for the environment, attention to the fragility of Mother Earth and to integral ecology, to the common good, to solidarity, to sobriety and hope. Concepts that well interpret the crisis of the present. Could Cuba, a proud and courageous country, poor but sober, resist the flattery of consumerism and maintain a profile of dignity and sobriety? In the film, the meetings and activities in Havana by Father Silvano and the Franciscans become metaphors and open concrete questions about the future of Cuba and the hopes of the younger generation, such as that of little Francis, a symbol of change and choices for a future of growth in sobriety.



Program Type: Documentary
Year Released: 2017
Running Time: 90 minutes
Language(s): Spanish (English subtitles available)
Format: HD