History To Go

A fast, fun, and informative travel/history web series hosted by producer Ted Faye (8, 12-15 minute episodes with 3 episodes in production).


  1. The Andres Pico Adobe (LA’s second oldest building reputedly haunted and may be hiding a treasure in gold.)
  2. The Belmont Courthouse (Belmont, Nevada’s remnant of frontier justice in the wild west!
  3. Wyatt Earps Bar (Is it possible we discovered the bar that belonged to Wyat Earp in a storage shed in Vegas?)
  4. The Central Nevada Museum (Discover a wild west Boot Hill cemetery and an old iron tank that was home to some Chinese minors.)
  5. The Beatty Museum (Host Ted Faye meets some interesting visitors at the museum. One of whom worked at the Nevada test site during the era of above-ground testing.)
  6. Beatty, Nevada – The Happy Burro (Ted invites his friend John Tyson to this little restaurant boasting the best chili in the west.)
  7. Beatty, Nevada (When Ted and his friend, John Tyson visit an old brothel they find evidence of a haunting.)
  8. Beatty, Nevada – The Death Valley Nut and Candy Company (has more candy and nuts than any other stop on Highway 95 through Nevada.)
  9. The Fight of the Century (In Production)
  10. Gold Rush Family (In Production)
  11. Mr. Cook’s (In Production)



Program Type: Documentary
Year Released: 2014-2016
Running Time: 12-15 Mins. each
Language(s): English
Format: HD