History’s Greatest Miracles

Host Dennis Weaver journeys through the centuries in search of ancient biblical truths. Did David’s triumph over the giant Goliath, an unlikely victory, really happen? How could a shepherd’s sling and a small stone kill such a mighty warrior? What about the three men who were banished into a fiery furnace? How could Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego emerge from this inferno safe and unharmed? And where are the two stone tablets inscribed by the finger of God and given to Moses on Mt. Sinai? Are they lost forever in the dust of history, or lying in a dark cavern beneath a political hotbed? Could one man, Samson topple an entire Philistine temple?

Program Type: TV Special
Year Released: 1993
Running Time: 93:00
Language(s): English
Format: SD