Malice in the Palace

In the land of Shmow, Larry, Moe & Shemp are restaurateurs. The patrons turn out to be bad guys and the plot evolves to The Boys entering the Emir of Shmow’s palace to retrieve a 100 carat diamond from the ancient tomb of King Rutentuten. They subdue the guards in true Three Stooges fashion and get the Emir to acquiesce by posing as a spirit, one on top of another, in Santa Claus suits. One of the bad guys, Hassan Ben Sober played by prolific supporting player Vernon Dent finally admits he is not an aristocrat, merely a hotel doorman; from which we get this classic Shemp line: ‘Well, there’s the door, man!’

Program Type: Short Film
Year Released: 1949
Running Time: 16:14
Language(s): English
Format: SD