Return To Spoon River

In April 1915, the American poet Edgar Lee Masters published the Spoon River Anthology, a collection of poetry written in the form of an epitaph, telling the lives of the inhabitants of an imaginary little town in the American Midwest, Spoon River, near the river of the same name. In 1943 the anthology was translated into Italian by the writer Fernanda Pivano. Hundreds of years after the publication of the Anthology, some Lewistown and Petersburg communities in Illinois, near the Spoon River, pay homage to the poet by re-reading some epitaphs and reviving today’s atmospheres, moods and feelings of the inhabitants of American province, in the space and time of their daily microcosms.

Italian filmmakers, Francesco Conversano and Nene Grignaffini and their production company MOVIE MOVIE are based in Bologna, Italy. Their documentary work is characterized by careful research which over the years has seen them experiment with different languages and narrative forms and choose documentaries as a means for telling stories of our time. They have directed and produced many documentary films and are perhaps best known for Blue Highways, Good Morning China, Indian Notebook, Megalopolis, and The Wise Cat Catches which won the David Donatello, 2006.


Program Type: Documentary
Year Released: 2015
Running Time: 109 minutes
Format: HD