Salt Bike: A Year With The Baron

SALT BIKE tells the story of Dick Smith, who owns and runs the Barons Speed Shop in South London. He’s an authority on the restoration and ground up builds of vintage Triumph and custom motorcycles. His days are spent surrounded by priceless classic and custom bikes in need of repair and rebuilds. And while, to some, this may seem like a perfect job, Dick, like so many of us has a dream. A dream that he believes will always be just out of reach. To race one of his hand made vintage Triumphs at the world famous Bonneville Salt Flats, in the USA. Until that is, one of Dick’s customers mentions a speed record set in the 1950’s, and asks whether it would be possible to build a bike from 1950’s parts to break the as yet unbroken record.

Program Type: Documentary
Running Time: 64 minutes
Format: HD