Soul Survivors 1: Angels in Training

Dove12+[1]Spend some time in Heaven watching Angels in Training help couples on Earth. Jack (Chas Bonin) and Tanya (Krisha Saxon) are so wrapped up in their own frustrations with their marriage that they get in an accident and end up in heaven as angels-in-training, helping couples on earth to resolve their own romantic issues. Lexie (Emily Moore) is so mad at Bryan (Bob Ivy) for his seeming affection for other women that she nearly ruins her relationship. Tory (recording star, Timotha Lanae) has to learn to let go and follow her dreams to find out what love is really about and have any hope of a happy future with men.

Heaven awaits you as the angels-in-training take the field in a real town, Victoria, MN, helping and bringing hope and spiritual upliftment to the earthlings in their care.

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Dove Review

This is a fantasy film with the plot of a couple going to heaven after an automobile accident. Jack and Tanya, the couple, had tension and disagreements in their marriage on Earth, and now are angels in training. The film doesn’t rely on scripture but does show the dedication necessary to make relationships work as an angel named Catherine oversees the two “trainees.” Jack and Tanya find themselves helping other couples and they begin to discover the mistakes they made in their own relationship. One couple, Adam, and Tory have been together ten years without Adam proposing but in this film, he learns what has kept him holding on to his freedom. Tory has never felt her dad was proud of her and now that he is dying she has one last chance to make him so. Another couple features a man that is too friendly with other women and a very jealous girlfriend.

“Soul Survivors: Angels in Training” is awarded our Dove Seal for ages twelve plus. It is all about relationships and anyone can relate to that!


Program Type: Feature Film
Year Released: 2014
Running Time: 1 hour 40 minutes
Format: HD