Texas Welcomes Them Home: The Making Of The Texas Capitol Vietnam Veterans Monument

When the nation called them to Vietnam, the Lone Star State sent thousands of its young men and women to serve and fight in a long and controversial war that would leave the nation divided and its veterans unrecognized. Four decades later, a group of those veterans banded together for one last mission – to build a monument honoring Texas Vietnam Veterans on the state Capitol grounds. From the sculpting process to the creation of a sacred memorial that rests in the monument’s heart to the dedication, their journey would take nearly as long as the war itself, and result in a long overdue tribute to a generation.

Executive Producer: Texas Capitol Vietnam Veterans Monument
Robert Floyd, Chairman
Producers: Cheryl & Patrick Fries
Editors: Daniel DeLoach, Patrick Fries
Cinematography: Patrick Fries, Richard Gaylord, Daniel DeLoach, Miner Wilson, Andrzej Mrotek, Matthew Gary

Program Type: Documentary
Year Released: 2015
Running Time: 37 minutes
Format: SD