The Best of The Three Stooges

When life begins biffing you upside the head, you know you can always count on the slap happy antics of the silver screen’s silliest sight-gagsters for a pick-me-up! This collection features Larry, Curly and Moe (with a side order of Shemp!) at their boisterous best, showcasing the famed trio at nearly every stage of their five-decade run of riotousness! On the first disc, you’ll see the Stooges at their mid-1930s peak in “Disorder in the Court” (a comedy so good, there oughtta be a law against it!), followed by a string of similarly wacky excursions into short film shenanigans. The second disk takes us to the group’s mid-1940s prime, with the musical mayhem of their first starring feature film – “The Swing Parade” of 1946. The third disk features the animated side of the Stooges: a selection of episodes from their classic cartoon show! Finally, disc four finds the Stooges going out in style in their justly famous ugly duckling song (no swan songs for these guys!): “Kook’s Tour” (1970). On top of all that, bonus features include a biography of the Stooges, 8 classic cartoons, exclusive interviews, classic video clips, rare photos and a PC-compatible screen saver. It’s a cavalcade of comedy that’s guaranteed to leave a smile on your face and a bump on the back of your noggin.

Program Type: Biography
Year Released: 2011
Running Time: 8 hours
Language(s): English
Format: SD