The Evidence For Heaven

Examines spiritual life after physical death. As long as man has walked the earth, there have been questions about what happens when our bodies die. To followers of Christ, the answer is Heaven. Although believers agree that Heaven is our ultimate destination, most wonder what it will be like.

Recent advances in medical technology have allowed doctors to bring more and more people back from the edge of death. These medical miracles have given rise to a phenomenon termed “near death experiences” where heart and brain activity indicate death, but the person survives. In many cases, people who have experienced a death-like event report visions of a bright light, others the sense of being surrounded by overwhelming love, and a few even reveal that they spoke with Jesus Himself before their vital signs again showed life.

This documentary interviews some of the people who have appeared to have died, but lived to tell about it. Medical doctors, physicists, biblical scholars, and other scientists discuss the extensive research and studies surrounding near death experiences, as well as other documented evidence of Heaven.

Program Type: DocuDrama
Year Released: 2004
Running Time: 70:00
Language(s): English
Format: SD