The Miracle And Wonder Of Prayer (s)

For thousands of years people the world over have accepted the idea of prayer based simply on faith. But, can it be proven that such faith is justified? Has prayer actually been known to overcome the whims of Mother Nature? Can prayer keep an airliner from falling out of the sky? Might it change the destiny of mankind and nations? Can prayer actually heal the sick? In a recent Newsweek poll, 87% said they believe God answers prayer. In another poll, 95% of the doctors surveyed said they believe prayer does help in the healing process…but can we be sure? New medical and scientific studies are now answering the question: Is there really power in prayer? This startling film on prayer examines: All the latest medical studies showing significant and major improvements in prayed-for heart and AIDS patients; a scientific experiment of exactly how off-site intercessory prayer affects healing through altering DHEA blood chemistry and alpha and theta brain waves; and people who tell their own amazing prayer miracles…past and present! View the evidence. Watch the experiments. Hear the prayer miracles. Then decide for yourself. Is There Really Power in Prayer?

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Program Type: DocuDrama
Year Released: 2000
Running Time: 90:00
Language(s): English
Format: SD