Uncovering The Truth About Jesus

Who was Jesus? Was He born of a virgin? Did He perform miracles? Did He die and rise from the dead? Was He the Son of God? Either this Man was and is the Son of God, or He was a madman, liar, and hoaxer that millions have followed for 2,000 years.

Historians, scholars, and scientists examine the Man and His claims to include the Messianic prophecies, the virgin birth, the miracles, the teachings, and His death and resurrection. See the Bible and the life of Jesus under the scrutiny of inquiry as rarely before seen. The New Testament account of Jesus as the Messiah is fully examined through Scripture as well as through archaeology, history, and science to determine if what we read about Jesus is actually true and provable, or just a myth.

Jesus proponents and critics confront each other. Enjoy heartwarming re-creations of the life of Christ as you make your own personal discoveries about Jesus.

Program Type: Biography
Year Released: 1999
Running Time: 90:00
Language(s): English/Spanish
Format: SD