C3 Makes Every License A Successful License

C3 Entertainment Booth at Licensing ExpoC3’s Licensing Division is charged with the responsibility of managing the licensing and merchandise programs for our Brands. C3 began in the licensing business long before there was an established licensing industry. Today our licensing team is the best in the industry with an experienced and professional staff under the leadership of C3 Executive Vice President Ani Khachoian. Our mission is to service and support all of our Brands in an effort to succeed with every Brand’s Licensing Program to ensure that every license is a successful license. We believe that the success of each and all of our licensees makes for a great licensing program for our Brands.

We accomplish our goals through the pursuit of the right commercial opportunities pursuant to a comprehensive licensing program with brand positioning unique to each Brand. The Brand message is carefully shaped and supported with appropriate Brand marketing materials, the internet, and social media. We target product categories and markets which are crucial to the licensing program for the Brand and pursue licensees that fit our targets by contacting many potential licensees and attending numerous industry trade shows throughout the country and internationally.

All of our licensees are important to us, and we devote personalized attention to all of our over one hundred licensees in hundreds of different product categories producing thousands of different products and services all over the world. We are sensitive to the unique situations, issues and financial goals of every licensee.

Our Art, Technology, and Web Solutions Department is dedicated to delivering Brand assets to our licensees which are consistent with the Brand message and essential to creating the best artwork possible for use of the Brand to succeed in the marketplace. We take pride that our product approval process is fast and easy, and considered the best in the business. Access to branded materials and artwork, including photography, logos, trademarks and more is available for current licensees of C3, with special registered login and password for digital access.


C3 Entertainment, Inc. is consistently ranked among the Top 150 Global Licensors. The annual report, published by License Global! (UBM), ranks C3 #83 in 2017. Click image to read more.

Our licensing agreements consist of standard terms and conditions used in the licensing industry designed to protect the integrity of the Brand, as well allow our Licensees the flexibility to accomplish success in the marketplace with our branded products. We seek to help and protect our licensees’ efforts to sell our branded products by providing additional channels of distribution through C3’s affiliated retail partner, ShopKnuckleheads online store. We also diligently police infringers attempting to poach on product categories granted to licensees.

In addition to licensing and merchandise, our Brands have also been utilized in numerous advertising and promotional campaigns around the world, including print media, television and online. The Three Stooges brand has been used in numerous national television ad campaigns, including the Super Bowl. Our advertising partners include some of the largest companies in the world, such as Sony, Carl’s Jr., Coors Beer, MasterCard, XM Satellite Radio, Verizon and Telefonica Brazil. We encourage Advertising Agencies and Public Relations firms to consider our Brands in advertising and promotional campaigns. To see examples of some of our major advertising campaigns, click here.

Contact us today and let us explore together how we can develop a great licensing and merchandise program.

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