Top Selling 3-D Animated Children’s Fire Prevention Series, Rainbow Valley Fire Department is now available to download on!

Combining 3-D Animation and live action with songs and interactive play, the nine-episode series entertains children with a troupe of talking emergency vehicles as they go on rescue adventures, helping people in need, all the while learning and teaching children about important life lessons along the way.

RVFD Fire Education Series® is a comprehensive public fire safety series for children. Each episode teaches critical life safety skills delivered in a fun, non-threatening and memorable way. Perfect for the Fire Education Professional, classroom teacher, homeschooler, or simply entertaining kids at home. RVFD Fire Education Series® combines fresh, colorful, cutting-edge 3-D CGI animation with live action video along with songs and games to help teach basic fire and burn prevention.

Starring Tim Conway as Rusty the Firefighter (Carol Brunet Show, SpongeBob SquarePants, Air Bud) , Rob Riggle as Captain Andy (The Daily Show, Modern Family, New Girl) with songs by the Grammy Award-winning recording artist, B.J. Thomas (“Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head”).

RVFD episodes feature rescue adventures thematically enveloped on important behavioral learning pieces, like confidence, responsibility, overcoming fear, sharing and acceptance to name a few. Also featured in the episodes are songs, interactive play, and academic learning pieces, including problem-solving, math, and science.

The following video is episode 2 in its entirety and serves as an example of the series.

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