What’s better than a night out at a rock concert of your favorite artist? Hanging out with them at home, backstage at one of their shows, or on the tour bus.

Rock Star Kitchen is a lifestyle show that combines two very popular genres, music and cooking. Host Lisa Bouchelle has toured and sung with many famous musicians, and she visits with them at their homes, on tour, or in her kitchen, where they cook their favorite dish, while she gets the scoop on their music, touring, eating, love life, and whatever else they might have going on in their life. Fans get to see their favorite artists cooking and chilling out in the kitchen, a side of them they can’t see anywhere else.

While some artists bring their culinary skills to the show, some episodes include guest celebrity chefs, who show the artists how to make dishes they love.

And since parties usually end up in the kitchen, there’s always some “kitchen table jamming,” with the artists doing acoustic versions of some of their biggest hits.

Now We’re Cookin’

The guest artists choose a dish that means something to them, be it a favorite dish from the road, or something their grandmother used to make when they were growing up. Some are accomplished chefs, and prepare the cuisine themselves, others are joined by a celebrity chef, who will share all their culinary secrets in preparing the feast.

The Venues

Our host’s home kitchen serves as the perfect venue for her famous friends to cook, hang, and kick back with their acoustic guitars. Rock Star Kitchen will also hit the road in some episodes, cooking with stars in their own home kitchens, on their tour buses, backstage at their shows, or in favorite restaurants they’ve discovered in their travels, giving viewers an inside view of how they live, chill out, and enjoy their favorite foods and music.

Kitchen Table Jams

The guest artists break out their acoustic guitars, and jam with our host in “Kitchen Table Jams.”  They perform intimate versions of their biggest hits, as well as sometimes breaking out something newly released or something they are working on. It gives viewers the opportunity to see something they don’t usually get to see, seeing and hearing songs in their raw, stripped down versions.

The Rock and Roll Hostess

Singer/songwriter/guitarist Lisa Bouchelle has dueted in concert with Jon Bon Jovi, sung backup for Bruce Springsteen, and toured and/or opened for artists ranging from Bryan Adams and Meat Loaf to Train and Jason Mraz.

Lisa gives you a backstage pass into a private party with her famous rock star friends, as she finds out what’s happening in their lives and careers, while they cook, make music, and enjoy some great food around the kitchen table. After all, the best parties end up in the kitchen!



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