The Three Stooges TV Movie On ABC Is A Smash Hit

ABC Movie of the Week

TV Guide Cover“Michael Chiklis steals the show as Curly. He’s not just impersonating the mannerisms…He is Curly. Evan Handler likewise seems born to play Larry.”
-Joanne Ostrow, Denver Post

“A surprisingly affecting and lushly evocative portrait…but it’s the strong acting performances that distinguish this tv bio.”
-Matt Roush, TV Guide

“A surprisingly touching movie.”
-Ann Hodges, Houston Chronicle

“The movie is visually stunning. The actors don’t imitate the Stooges, they are the Stooges.”
-Susan Young, The Oakland Tribune

“Somebody pinch me – I must be dreaming, I feel like I’ve been waiting all my life for this night.”
-Adam Buckman, The New York Post

“Michael Chiklis transforms himself so convincingly into Curly that he is barely recognizable. Paul BenVictor is also superb as Moe.”
-Tom Jicha, Sun-Sentinel

“Director James Frawley and writers Janet Roach and Kirk Ellis obviously let their affection for the Stooges inspire their work.”
-Tom Shales, The Washington Post

“It’s a loving group portrait…which frames this warmhearted tribute.”
-Ron Wertheimer, The New York Times

“Don’t be surprised if your eyes fill with tears. You, like the audience members in the movie, will want to jump to your feet and give the guys a rousing round of applause.”
-Jeanne Jackle, San Antonio Express-News