Valorous TV to Exclusively Premiere New Documentary, Black Hawk Down: The Untold Story

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Los Angeles, CA – November 5, 2018 – Valorous TV, the all new digital streaming subscription
service from Valorous Media, will be premiering the brand new documentary, Black Hawk
Down: The Untold Story in honor of the 25th anniversary of the rescue mission, in conjunction
with Veteran’s Day, on Monday, November 12, 2018. This documentary film features never before
seen footage, with stories told directly by the troops who were on the ground during the
Battle of Mogadishu, as well as commentary by General Mark A. Milley, the 39th Chief of Staff
of the U.S. Army. Valorous TV is the exclusive streaming service to premiere this impactful

Black Hawk Down: The Untold Story is a one-hour documentary on the heroic efforts of the
soldiers from the 2nd Battalion 14th Infantry Regiment, 10th Mountain Division (2-14). The story
of 2-14 was left untold in the feature motion picture, Black Hawk Down (2001). These soldiers
from the 10th Mountain Division demonstrated extraordinary courage, skill, and discipline as
they fought their way into a “baited ambush” to rescue the 99 special operations forces pinned
down at the crash site of Super Six-One while also attempting a rescue at the crash site of
Super Six-Four–what many have described as the most ferocious urban combat since the
Battle for Huế during the Tet Offensive in 1968.

“It is very special for Valorous TV to premiere this exciting new documentary,” said Earl
Benjamin, President and CEO of Valorous TV. “The film finally tells the whole story behind this
incredible display of valor, bravery and sacrifice by our great United States Military.”

Executive produced and directed by Colonel Randall Larsen, USAF (Ret). Larsen is the CEO of
Randall Larsen Presents, a company dedicated to bringing great stories in film and print to the
American public. He previously served as a professor and department chair at the National War

“I am extremely proud to help tell the untold story of the soldiers from Task Force 2-14,” says
Larsen. “After a quarter of a century, it is time to set the record straight.”

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